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Using the Most simplistic but Powerful Ai Twitter Social System Available

Twitter is a great platform for growing your Small business 

Build Brand Recognition, Drive Traffic, and Stay on Top of Trends

Explode Your Twitter Account in weeks!
Increase Your Brand Awareness.
Ultilize Ai (ChatGpt, OpenAi, Dalle) 
Tap into Twitter's potential 544.5 Million 
Audience of 38% of 25 to 34 Age Group
Ads Reach 10.7% of Internet Users
Ads can reach up to 544.5 Million.
Secretly Grow Your List to the Hundreds! 
Access Clients for your Agency or Club
Twitter a Secret Investors GoldMine

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Twitter is not all about how to get more followers! Get in there and have a conversation (and post an image or two while you’re at it)

Gary Vaynerchuk

You Probably Didn't know 79% of Twitter Users

Love to discover what’s new with News, Brands and Products, Making Twitter the top platform for Discovery.

Plus Twitter creates Awesome Marketing Leverage...

Marketing Your Brand

Most Brands on Twitter send out a median of 0.86 tweets per day, for which they see a median engagement of 0.048%... With LeadMints you can easily increase the engagement with a push of a Button

Lookout Twitter is on the Move

Twitter saw a 9% year-on-year increase in revenue for Q3 of 2019 with $824 Million.

U.S. Revenue is Growing on Twitter

Twitter domestic (U.S) revenue experienced a higher-than-usual growth of 24%, while its international income grew by 12%.

Why Dominate Twitter in 2023...

Reason One is to Allow your Business and Brand to begin Getting Access to a Totally Untapped Marketing Giant that is actually not a Difficult Platform to Use when Growing Your Brand...

Unlike Facebook You have Advertising Freedom with Twitter to some Degree Without the Head-Aches of Having your account SHUTDOWN for no reason most times with Facebook

Twitter is Growing

Twitter has around 450 Million Monthly users as of 2022.

Awesome Ad Platform

twitter has 41.5 million monetizable daily users in the United States (Super Underated Marketing Platform) 

Responsive Marketing  

The United States is home to Twitter's 41.5 million monetizable users which are mainly the working successful class ranging from ages 24 to 35

But the Main Problem With Twitter Marketing....

It's the Time it takes to Grow!


We are Super busy and it's only 24 hrs in a Day! 

We are Working From Home or Going to Work

Exercising in the Morning or Afternoon!

Food Shopping, Raising Kids or Going to School! Or Hitting up Other Social Media Sites.....

We are Busy!

So the benefits of LeadMints  are clear and totally needed right now...
Auto Schedule Tweets
Per Made Content
Ask Questions File
Twitter Club
Auto Quiz 
Pre Made Images

Creates an Easy to Use, Simple and Fun way to Organically Grow Your Twitter Account.... Start Today for Low One-Time Free!

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Your Complete Twitter Marketing Solution

With Awesome Twitter Marketing Bonuses and a Thriving Marketing Community ......

Plus We have different suggestions based on Your Niche how to Organically Grow your Twitter Account Using LeadMints.

Just Quickly Set Everything up inside the App and your Good to Go....


What Makes The LeadMints Platform So Great?

Helps You Build Your Following
Expand Your Influence and engagement
It also can manage multiple accounts and schedule posts
Helps put your Twitter accounts on autopilot
Attracting followers to your account even when you are asleep

Use LeadMints Analytics 

Track Your Progress as you grow your Twitter Accounts with Detailed Stats notifying you of Completed Tweets and even Undelivered Tweets! 


You no longer have an excuse for not growing Your Twitter Account that converts visitors into subscribers and customers.

The Complete Solution For Your Twitter Marketing

Just upload the image you want to post, Type up your caption to decide when you’d like your post to go out and Boom!


Plus You can Auto Like with target hashtag, username

The Most Powerful Twitter Search Feature

LeadMints Return a Collection of relevant Tweets Matching a Specific Search!

(This Feature is Only Available with "Agency")


Work From Anywhere

Working from home, Coffee Shop, your aunt's Kitchen promoting your Brand, Service or Business with Leadmints

Just Log in and set your campaign and push send... and your in. Pre-Schedule your detailed Post and tweets for the entire week! We also help with getting started with Affiliate Marketing which can be lucrative if applied correctly

Learn the Secret of Connecting

Take a tip from Chic-Fila or Amazon where they connect with there customer base on a whole another level.

We go into detail with growing your friends list by sharing Free content and giving away awesome tips and tools and even Software to build that connection before you ask for sales.

Look At these Amazing Twitter Success Stories.

Don't take our word for it.

Why I'm a member...

Debra Williams
I use LeadMints to grow my Teeth Whitening Business via twitter
I acquire Leads and and also engage new potential clients with short tweets all on autopilot
The upgrade for the Twitter Ad course is a game changer!
Customer Service is awesome!
And it's a Short learning curve! the members area is very detailed and specific on how to set everything up correctly

We are a Digital Marketing Community that Over delivers Like Crazy by Adding some insider SECRETS on Marketing

Over 16k in Sales via Affiliate Marketing on One account is being Shared inside the Members Area

Landing Pages

I will Show You how I implement Awesome Landing Pages to Capture Leads on Twitter Organically... Leads are the Lifeblood of any digital marketing Business and Twitter is open market for almost any niche

Sales Pages

Most Marketers Say "You Can't Sell on Twitter" and that is totally False. You have a Golden Opportunity on Twitter to Grow your Brand you just have to do it correctly will talk more inside the members Area


Lead capture is Ultra important and it connects to Landing Pages and we discuss my Secret for capturing Leads Daily!

Membership Sites

Can I Promote my Membership Site? Sure... You just have connect with your Audience Organically and LeadMints Helps but naturally sending out tweets that create dialog with your Target Audience.

Awesome Funnels

The Magical Funnel! Its the must have for any business and We even talk using Funnels with LeadMints

Optin Forms

Look over my Shoulder on How i create Optin forms with my AutoResponder to Capture Leads to Grow my List

Where not Just a Social App

Search Query (Twitter Data)

Leadmints can Return a Collection of relevant Tweets matching a Specific query upon request via Dashboard.

Search relevant Tweets

Find tweets relevant to your niche with our search features. this creates an advantage with the direction of your tweets

Create Targeted Tweets

Create Targeted Tweets and use twitter like an email list, by allowing your Followers to access the Best Content

Best Twitter Marketing System

The Best Twitter Marketing App combine with Analytics and training you can Access a Goldmine of Possibilities with LeadMints Like Huge Earnings from Twitter Ad Revenue Sharing 



What Makes Our Platform So Great

It's not just awesome Software!

Our Membership Platform includes an intense Twitter training Area including PDF's, Community, and Resources to Grow organically your Brand, Business, or Influence

Look over My Shoulder at my Brand Affiliate Marketing Twitter Methods

Affiliate Marketing in the Next 5 years will be a Top alternative income source in my opinion due to technology taking away Mid-level to Entry Level jobs.

In order to be effective with Affiliate Marketing you need "Data" and that data for an Digital marketer is an active Email List and one the best ways or places to grow a list that no one is talking about is Twitter

Over 16k in Sales

Yes, as a Part-time to Full Time Affiliate Marketer I have made over 16k in Sales. Starting out as a entry Level to Middle Class Digital marketer I struggled for Years to figure a consistent Method that could produce results

Find New ways to Promote Affiliate Products by Participating in our Digital Group.
See the Affiliate Platforms that produce Solid Affiliate Offers that you can promote Today.
Learn more about what is working now in the Digital Space and use twitter as a Data center for calculate your next move.

Listen, Never Under Estimate the Power of a Tweet

Tweet Impressions: if you get more than 20% impressions over your followers that will be good. This number usually changes, but 20% would be great. It means that at least 20% of your followers saw the tweet.

LeadMints is Also great for any niche or Brand

Twitter is Great for marketing! You can be a Social Media manager or even a Real Estate Consultant! how about an Insurance agent, Small business owner! What ever your doing LeadMints can Help grow your Following and Social Media List via Twitter!


A complete Twitter Marketing App Bonus Package

These Free Bonuses Will be Found inside the Members Area Under "Bonuses"


Twitter Domination

Checklist and Planning

Learn How to Effectively engage Your Audience on Twitter Which is Uniquely Different From Facebook and Instagram

This Bonus comes with a Check List that keeps your Twitter Marketing on Schedule with a Detailed Planner


Twitter Profit Hacks

Learn How the Pro Twitter Marketers Work

Discover Smart and Simple Profit Hacks to Boost Conversions and Boost ROI! Learn from Creating the Correct Bio to the right Profile to Attract the right Audience And Much Much More.........


Viral Quotes Rocket

Hundreds of Quotes and Graphics 

These are Pre-Done Images and Viral Quotes that are Copy and Paste Ready! you can Also used these for other Social Media Platforms to create a Solid Connection with your Audience and Also Grow you Social Media Awareness Organically 

See LeadMints in Action

Find Trading Tweets

#Daytrading #Stocks and #Investing Hashtags if used correctly can be extremely Profitable, use LeadMints Search Feature to help find Hot Stocks and Solid Investments in Bullish or Bearish Markets 

Create Some Engaging Tweets Today with Leadmints >

And Crypto Tweets

#Crypto #Blockchain and #Nft Hashtags are starting to become Profitable again So get back in before things get Crazy! Remember when Bitcoin was $1  

Create Some Engaging Tweets Today with Leadmints >

Interested in growing your list to make more sales - Access LeadMints Today >

Twitter has secretly Dominated real-time News Alerts for Years

Use Your Twitter POST to Announce Updates, News, and More

Let's look at some interesting twitter Stats.... 

30% of consumers want to see brands using Twitter more. Make sure to build your brand’s presence on Twitter for better connection and engagement rate.

Twitter has a market cap of $29.56 billion as of September 2022. This makes Twitter the world’s 550th most valuable company.

Twitter may be in the 15th position in terms of monthly active users, but it is the 7th most popular social media in the world according to a Hootsuite survey.

In November 2013, Twitter went public with shares being valued at $26 as the market opened and at $44 when it closed.
In March 2015, Twitter acquired the live streaming app Periscope.
In November 2017, Twitter expanded the character limit for a tweet from 140 to 280
In Q1 2021 , Twitter hit Revenue highs of 1.04 Billion and then Hit  1.19 billion in Q2 2021 total in 2021 was 5,077 Million!

Plus, Secretly Crush Lead Campaigns on Twitter

Yes! Remember Twitter has over 353 million followers!!! Plus, Twitter users spends 5.1 Hours a month on Twitter, that breaks down to the Average Twitter user spending 10 minutes a day on Twitter and Twitter is a Grown Working Class Social Media App Creating a Buyer motivated Lead Magnet if used Correctly. 54% of Twitter users are more likely to buy new products!


"90% of my Clients Come From Twitter."

Brett Williams of "DesignJoy" Makes 1.3 million a Year as a One man Show Agency That Uses Twitter as a main Organic lead Source, that converts serious High paying Clients. 

Major Price Increases In.......


BAsic Plan

5 Accounts

Tweet & Scheduled Tweet

Auto Like

Auto Follow


LeadMints Training

Tweet Search (Agency Only)

Dum conubia enim cras vel





 20 Accounts

 Everything in Basic Plus...

 Auto DM

Search Feature

Auto Follow

Auto UnFollow

Auto Retweet

Social Media manager


Get Started Today

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Plus You get access to Pre-Done Images As a Free Bonus! Awesome Training, Auto Follow for Both Plans! And if You Decide to Go Agency You get Access to Our New "Auto Retweet" and "Auto DM feature" With "Search"......Let's do This!

Twitter Marketing is Extremely effective

Twitter is used by some Top Celebs and Brands to move traffic toward platform via influence.


Even CNN quoted about the Power of Elon Musk Tweets......

"A single tweet from Elon Musk can send a stock soaring. Traders should beware"

Use LeadMints to Organically Grow your Twitter by Creating Solid and Ethical Tweets! Get Started Today!!

Actual Sale Made from Free Organic Twitter Traffic......

Or Take campaigns to the Next level with Twitter Ads......

Even new Marketers are actually getting More Engagement from Twitter Traffic......

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Basic Plan


5 Accounts

  Tweet & Scheduled Tweet

Auto Like

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LeadMints Training

LeadMints Community

Search Feature

Auto DM



twitter is a great place to meet other educated like minded individuals that are in the know!!

choose your image

Jamith  Sikngr

Web Designer


Agency Plan


20 Accounts

Everything in Basic

Auto DM

Search Feature

Auto Follow

Auto UnFollow

Auto Retweet

Get Clients

Social Media Manager training



I was Always on Instagram but now I spend a good deal on Twitter it seems more Mature

choose your image

Betty Turner


Are You In?

If So.... Congrats and Welcome!

Right Now in Our Economy and times we are living in it's Super Importantly to Start Marketing Your Brand and Growing Your List!


Up to 20 million manufacturing jobs around the world could be replaced by robots by 2030, according to analysis firm Oxford Economics. People displaced from those jobs are likely to find that comparable roles in the services sector have also been squeezed by automation, the firm said .
Having a presence on social media increases your brand's reach. Now more people will know about your products and services – 60% of Instagram users say they discover new products on the platform. Today's buyers research the specific brand or product before making a purchase and your online presence is very important
Plus... Using a platform such as Twitter gives businesses a cost-effective method of engaging with their consumer base. It gives them access to audiences around the world, while providing an opportunity to interact with customers instead of continuously promoting products and services

Join our Community inside the members area of Growing Digital and Affiliate Marketers that are Working from Virtually Anywhere!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most commonly asked Questions have Answers listed below.....

Do I have to Create a Twitter App?

No, just connect your Twitter account to LeadMints inside the Dashboard and your in! you can create a Twitter App for more features via Twitter

What is the main Feature?

Our Data Shows the Scheduler, You can use a Calendar Style feature to Pre-Schedule Tweets that will save you time and effort

Is there Auto Retweet?

Yes, You can respond to tweets with Pre-determine messages creating engagement and rappor

Is there a Money Back Guarantee ?

Yes.... even though you will love "LeadMints" you have a 14 Day Money Back But you can cancel at anytime.

Can I tweet Multiple Tweets in a day?

Yes! but be advised LeadMints is not a Spam tool, LeadMints is to be used Organically, We created the Platform to mimic regular tweets

Get Started Today...


Go All in and Start an Twitter Agency.

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